Thank you for visiting my website! If you are wondering how ThetaHealing can help you, please read about my experience below.

ThetaHealing is an energy healing modality that has had a major positive impact on my life. When I first stumbled across this healing technique, I was crippled with pain. I had a multitude of health issues, I was in chronic pain, I had been through the medical health care system, having surgery after surgery, only for the pain to continue with no end in sight. Finally after several years of surgery and medication, my specialists said that there was nothing further that could be done, so I needed to find a way to live with chronic severe pain.

A friend of mine suggested ThetaHealing and honestly, I didn’t have much hope invested in the idea. However, I was desperate, so I booked in my first appointment. During the first healing I could physically feel changes occurring within my body. My rational mind tried to reason this feeling away but the results were undeniable.

Over several years I had many sessions. I dealt with everything from relationship issues to severe physical health issues. All of these issues were quickly resolved in a non-invasive, easy and supportive way. My life was transformed! I went from being twisted and crippled with agony on a daily basis, to stepping into the light of joyful, pain free bliss. I could finally enjoy life again, my relationships became more fulfilling. I was able to be the person I always wanted to be, and so much more.

Now that I am a Certified ThetaHealing Practitioner myself, I am dedicated to helping others find their way to happy and healthy lives. I have a healing space at my home in Moe, Victoria. I can also do Skype sessions or travel to you. Currently, initial consultations are at a discounted rate.

Take the first step towards changing your life and contact me today!