Thetahealing guides you to heal yourself.

The article below helps us to understand who we are in this world and what our purpose is. You have the power to change your life!



Unlocking the Keys to Yourself

Published by shanirosssoulconnection

I am a compassionate, understanding and intuitive Healer. I discovered Thetahealing when I was in horrific chronic pain, no matter how hard I tried, my life just seemed to take a negative spiral. There was always some catastrophe I had to survive as well as dealing with chronic pain that was always getting worse. I found a Theta Healing Practitioner and my life began to transform! I now live a happy, stress free life and enjoy every moment. I am in awe of this incredibly powerful modality and now that I am a Practitioner myself I am keen to help others find their path to joyful expansion.

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